“There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognise ability.”
~Robert Half

People are talking ...

Tracey P. ~ Phoenix, AZ

After having worked on my master's thesis for so long, I no longer wanted to look at it, let alone edit it. Kitty’s keen eyes found things I never noticed. Plus, she made suggestions so that my words in a somewhat boring chapter were more interesting. She made better use of my statistical information, which I hadn’t even considered, making dry numbers more relevant to the readers. My committee chair only had content suggestions and was impressed with the writing. Kitty ensured that APA was followed to the last detail, in addition to researching and incorporating any specific university and department guidelines. Kitty's editing allowed me to focus on having solid content rather than constant proofreading and saved me weeks of work. Having previously used other editors, I know firsthand that Kitty did more work than any of the others had and more economically. I will never use anyone but Kitty to edit my documents from now on.

Mary W. ~ Dover, PA

I needed an updated resume fast and had heard about Kitty Carlisle’s editing services through a friend. It had been about thirteen years since I had even looked at my resume, but my company was bought out by a larger corporation, and I was told I would have to look for a new job. Kitty completely reformatted my outdated resume, rephrased things so everyday tasks I find boring were more appropriately listed as positive accomplishments and took out a lot of stuff I didn’t need in order to streamline the whole thing. I also received my resume back within 24 hours and, after answering a few pointed questions she had via email, she quickly returned the completed resume to me shortly afterwards. I definitely recommend using Kitty for any editing needs and will use her in the future to fine tune my resume if I ever leave my current place of employment.

Terese E. ~ Toledo, OH

After 12 years at my last job, I found myself needing to update my resume because of an upcoming move. I turned to Kitty. She looked over, reformatted, and reworded my experiences. She worked with me in exploring what my true potential was and in what areas I excelled. She was very thorough. I would highly recommend her services because she has your best interest at heart. She doesn’t just look something over and change things, she finds way to improve you through highlighting your true potential.

Lewis C. ~ Crestview, FL

During my last two years attending Ashford University, I had numerous interactions with other editors who seemed to be vague in their responses of my written documentations. Kitty Carlisle provided me with the appropriate feedback on my papers in order for me to understand my errors and excel. Due to her diligence and attention to detail of my work, I utilized her services throughout the remainder of my degree progress. I fully recommend to whoever shall review this recommendation, that it would be a mistake on the reader's part if you do not hire or utilize her services immediately. She went above and beyond of what I was expecting as an editor. I will be forever in her debt regarding my personal and professional career accomplishments.