“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”
~C.G. Jung

To compose and produce in words; to express or communicate; compose meaningful letters or characters that constitute readable matter.

If all you need is someone who writes words down on paper or types them on a keyboard, there are plenty who can do that for you.

However, if you require talent that can manipulate those words into an almost tangible event or being; someone whose vision reveals emotion to the reader through her description of the trail a tear leaves while caressing a wrinkled cheek, then I am the only person for the job.

My skills help you present your words creatively when telling your life’s story, or your idea for a short story or children’s book needs help.

To prepare written material for publication or presentation; to assemble by deleting, adding, and rearranging; to alter, adapt, or refine in order to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose.

When writing, flow of consciousness works for some, while hunt and peck methods work for others. Stopping to continually check for grammatical accuracy can inhibit creativity or just plain slow you down.

With my attention to detail, I root out too many spaces between sentences, missing commas, the improper use of colons versus semi-colons, as well as spelling and punctuation errors. I also make suggestions if I believe something you have written could be improved upon.

By focusing on improving the accuracy of language, flow, and overall readability of what you have written, I ensure they are still your words – only better.

To read copy or proof for purposes of error detection and correction; the process of correcting grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors in a document.

"Spell-check" can be a great tool when writing. But these features do not catch every issue and sometimes even make erroneous suggestions.

Knowing the difference between they’re, their, and there may be easy to discern, but how about when to use furthest or farthest? Lie or lay?

I don’t just blindly make the needed corrections; I also make sure your voice is still heard and the flow remains.

To develop written content for websites, sales letters, articles, books, and the production of other verbiage for information, entertainment, education, or any other outlet, often for commercial purposes.

Focusing on your business is a necessary step in growing that endeavor. Once your organization reaches the point where it needs to expand or change, though, advertising is an integral part of its success.

If you would rather stay under the hood of the cars you are fixing or continue selling life insurance to families, or would prefer to perform root canals rather than write about what it is you do, then you need to hire a copy writer.

Let me describe the passion you feel about hearing the purr of an engine after it’s towed into your shop. Allow me to express your concern to customers who should be considering their family’s financial futures. After I write about cleanings, crowns, and fillings, prospective customers will be lining up to get drilled.

To check written material, usually as the final step before it is set into type or to a publisher, to correct errors in grammar, spelling, usage, and style. 

You have led a storied life or want to write about fictional ones. Once your manuscript is completed, I pore over your story for grammar and punctuation issues, but also ensure the flow and consistency.

Your work is returned to you with my suggestions and relevant comments. You make the final decision as to how you want your novel or short story to be written.