• “Anything written – or about to be – is fair game.”
    ~Kitty Carlisle


You have likely rewritten your book so many times, you no longer see past what you want to say and may be sending your work to the publisher without first making sure it’s ready to be read by critical readers.

Short stories

Make a memorable impression with any literary work you choose to undertake. I can either help you write it or utilize my editing skills to perfect what you have already written.


Undergraduate or graduate papers of any length, specializing in MLA and APA formats.

Web Content

You want to sell it, or explain what it is you do. I want to make sure it’s ready to sell or that prospective customers understand your services. I can either write it for you or edit it; either way, you’re in business.


One chapter or the entire work. Since you have spent so much time on researching and writing, a fresh pair of eyes will more readily be able to see mistakes you may have missed.


Spelling errors are the most frequent mistakes found on resumés, but formatting and verbiage are also often overlooked. Let me rewrite your summary or revamp the whole resumé so you can land your dream job.


Business emails, cover letters, resignation letters, even family holiday letters; put your best foot forward and send out a professional missive.